168 History of Wake Forest College
any other man. The general satisfaction in his election to the
presidency of the College is shown in the editorial notices of it in the
press of the State, of which fourteen excerpts are found in the Biblical
Recorder of July 30, 1879. They dwell on his pulpit eloquence, his
great zeal and energy, his tact, his genial manners, his ability and
godliness, his culture, his warmness of heart, his national reputation
as an able and godly man, his popularity with all denominations and
the people generally, his up-to-date interests, his unselfishness in
leaving a pastorate for the onerous duties of the presidency of a
college at a much smaller salary.8
In particular, however, Dr. Pritchard's fitness for the presidency of
the College was indicated by his lifelong zeal for its welfare and the
intelligent interest he had manifested in promoting it. A somewhat
detailed account of these things has already been given in volume one
of this work and in previous chapters in the present volume.9 As one
reads of the progressive measures he urged, so far in advance of those
which obtained in North Carolina at the time, it might be said of him
that it had been given "that he alone should have understanding."
His plans for the College included improving its endowment, its
equipment and physical plant, its curriculum and its service to the
state and the denomination. Owing partly at least to his influence with
his own church two of its members had donated the funds for the
erection of the new building just then completed, and it was from him
too that had come the suggestion for the erection of Wingate
Memorial Hall, for which most of the money had already been raised,
and which was already in process of construction. He also had the ad-
vantage of being interested in all denominational affairs and having a
general interest in all that was affecting the life of the time. The extent
of this interest is well indicated in his "Notes and Com-
8 The papers quoted in the Biblical Recorder of July 30, 1879, are The Winston
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See especially Vol. I, pages 280, 285ff, 286, 288f, and preceding chapters in
this volume.
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