170 History of Wake Forest College
crease the patronage of the College.11 He visited and addressed
Associations, made speeches at the close of high schools and
academies, and, as occasion offered, at meetings in cities and towns
and at
During his three years of office he traveled 15,000
miles in the State and addressed as many as 60,000 people on
education, primarily with the purpose of securing more interest in the
College and more students for
In accord with the action of the Board of
Pritchard was inducted into office by a public inauguration, being the
first of the presidents of the College to have this induction. The day
was Wednesday, September 3, 1879, two days after the opening of the
College session. A special train from Raleigh brought one hundred
and fifty persons, and these with the others gathered in the chapel
filled it to capacity. Among those on the rostrum were Governor T. J.
Jarvis, Justice A. M. Merrimon, Col. L. L. Polk, Rev. A. M.
McPheeters, Capt. R. D. Graham, President K. P. Battle of the
University of North Carolina, Hon. W. R. Cox. The exercises began at
ten o'clock a.m. The address of welcome was by Professor C. E.
Taylor of the college faculty; Hon. Charles M. Cooke in behalf of the
Board of Trustees introduced the new president, who then delivered
his inaugural address on the subject, "A Plea for Higher Learning."
Although Dr. Pritchard made the apology that an indisposition of
11 Biblical Recorder, January 5, 1881. "For more than a year I have worked as I
never worked before to increase the patronage of the College, and I ask the
cooperation of the brethren in this important matter. We have more students than we
ever had before, but there is room for many more, and the College needs the aid it
would thus receive.
From report to the Board of Trustees at the commencement of June, 1880: "I
have spent much time in the field during the last ten months, having traveled about
8,000 miles, at a cost of $57.20. I visited the Beulah, Flat River, Central, Sandy
Creek, Eastern, Tar River, Mount Zion, South Yadkin, South Fork, King's
Mountain, Cape Fear and Chowan Associations and Western Baptist Convention. I
addressed the State Fair and the Sampson County Fair, and have besides delivered
addresses in Raleigh, New Bern, Wilmington, Greensboro, Statesville, Greenville,
Enfield, Edenton and Hertford. I have also had the privilege of addressing Piney
Grove Academy, Sampson Co., Warsaw High School, Moravian Falls Academy,
Wilkes Co., Vine Hill Academy of Scotland Neck." Proceedings, p. 228.
Proceedigs, p. 254, June 6, 1882.
14 Proceedings, p. 221, July 17, 1879.
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