Administration of Thomas Henderson Pritchard 177
1882, W. F. Marshall; 1883, W. H. S. Kornegay; 1884, W. C.
Riddick; 1885, R. H. Whitehead; 1886, W. J. Matthews; 1887, J. B.
Carlyle; 1888, H. A. Foushee. French, 1881, H. G. Holding; 1882,
Thomas Dixon, Jr.; 1883, H. P. Markham; 1884, W. H. S. Kornegay;
1885, A. T. Robertson; 1886, J. L. White; 1887, J. J. Lane; 1888, T. S.
There are twenty-one men in this list, and not a one of them who
did not attain distinction in his chosen calling. Robertson became
professor of New Testament in the Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary and author of the authoritative Grammar of New Testament
Greek, and many other books; Carlyle was professor of Latin in Wake
Forest College and served it in many other valuable ways; W. C.
Riddick became professor of Engineering in North Carolina State
College, and was for several years its president; Whitehead was
professor of Anatomy in the medical school of the University of
Virginia, and in the University of North Carolina, and was the author
of a book on the anatomy of the brain; Thompson was professor of
Latin for many years in a Louisiana college; Hankins took the degree
of Doctor of Philosophy in mathematics in Johns Hopkins University,
and for several years taught college mathematics, but later turned to
business in which he had great success; Matthews taught in the
academies of the State for several years, but later took up the work of
civil engineering and farming; Marshall has devoted his life to
writing, perhaps his most important work being done as a member of
the editorial staff of the Progressive Farmer; Thomas Dixon, Jr.,
became famous as an author with a long series of novels, mostly on
historical topics, and ranked among the best lecturers of the country
and has other distinctions; Sprinkle organized the gymnasium work of
Wake Forest College, and later became successful in business; Waft'
did a most valuable work as minister of Baptist churches in eastern
and central North Carolina; and J. L. White has long been regarded
among our ablest preachers; Kornegay in Oklahoma, Ward, and
Foushee in North Carolina, were among the ablest lawyers of their
respective States, the latter two becoming judges of the Superior
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