Administration of Thomas Henderson Pritchard 181
we should like to be able to do so again, and we will do so just as
soon as we have schools that will be able to do the work for us. But
there are thousands of boys who never can go to college, who might
be and would be prepared for usefulness at these academies, if we had
them.... The great need of North Carolina is education, and education
conducted under religious principles."
The religious life of the institution during Pritchard's administration
was in keeping with that of the administration of Wingate. Though his
frequent absences must have interfered somewhat with his work as
pastor of the church, the students were attracted by his sweet and
winning sermons, delivered with much grace and eloquence and in the
best of English. The young men of the day, in accord with the spirit of
the times, had a new and more hopeful outlook on life than those of
the past two decades. A new day was dawning in which even
Southern young men were aspiring to take part in the great events in
the new life of the nation and this spirit had got hold of the students of
Wake Forest College, and it doubtless modified somewhat their
attitude towards religion. But under the leadership of Pritchard and his
colleagues they gave religion its proper place in their thinking and
lives. There were revival meetings in each of the three years of
Pritchard's administration. The first was in December, 1879, in which
Dr. Pritchard did the preaching, resulting in eight baptisms. The next
was in March, 1881, as a result of which he baptized 30. Dr. W. A.
Nelson assisted in the meeting. The third was in December, 1881,
with Rev. A. G. McManaway, then pastor at Louisburg, doing the
preaching, in which there were three conversions one night, and
eighteen were baptized, but the main result was a quickening and
deepening of the religious consciousness of his hearers. During this
period a great interest in missions was developing at the College. On
April 3, 1881, soon after the revival of that year, W. L. Poteat told of
that "Sunday at the College," opening with the statement: "This has
been with us a good day for Foreign- Missions." The exercises at the
Sunday school at the preaching service in the morning, at the meeting
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