182 History of Wake Forest College
of the Sunday school Missionary Society which met in the afternoon
service, which was the regular meeting of the Yates Missionary
Society, were all of a missionary character. At the last service the
speaker was Brother Taylor, who urged the young men to contribute
their lives to that great work, and put before them their Christian duty
in this matter most solemnly, earnestly and plainly, and excited much
interest, so that "two of the students were much exercised about the
matter." Four who were students at this time soon after their
graduation went to work in the field of China, opened up in 1847 by
Yates at Shanghai. These were T. C. Britton, D. W. Herring, E. F.
Tatum, and L. N. Chappell. Many years later another, who said, after
hearing Taylor's address, "Well, I don't care a bit if it's me," also went
to the same field. This was E. M. Poteat.31 During these years the
number of ministerial students at the College increased to about
thirty; President Pritchard showed great interest in them and their
training. The Board of Education was represented in the field first by
Professor Mills, and after January, 1880, by Professor C. E. Taylor.
The list of graduates during the years 1880, 1881 and 1882 are
given in a
31 Biblical Recorder, April 13, 1881. Letter of W. L. Poteat. The letter does not
make it plain that it was E. M. Poteat who made the remark, but I had it from the
mouth of E. M. Poteat himself.
Graduates, 1880-82. Master of Arts: 1880, J. N. Holding, lawyer; H. Montague,
lawyer; 1881, R. A. P. Cooley, lawyer; D. B. Reinhardt, Physician; 1882, H. G.
Holding, farmer, county auditor. Bachelor of Arts: 1880, J. T. Alderman, teacher,
member of State Legislature; J. M. Davis, preacher; C. S. Farris, preacher, editor,
college professor; W. G. Ferebee, merchant; M. A. Jones, teacher, died in 1885; W.
H. Ragsdale, teacher, County Superintendent of Public Instruction, Pitt County; W.
B. Waft, preacher. 1881, L. N. Chappell, preacher, missionary to China; E. M.
Poteat, preacher, college president, missionary to China; D. L. Ward, lawyer, judge
of Superior Court. 1882, E. G. Beckwith, preacher, assistant professor of
Mathematics in Wake Forest College; W. J. Ferrell, teacher, assistant professor of
Mathematics in Wake Forest College, registrar of Meredith College; J. W.
Fleetwood, teacher, register of deeds; D. W. Herring, preacher, missionary in China;
E. E. Hilliard, lawyer, editor; W. T. Lewellyn, preacher; C. A. Smith, merchant,
Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina: Bachelor of Letters: 1881, L. T. Carroll,
preacher; W.
Jones, preacher; M. V. McDuffie, preacher; N. R. Pittman, preacher
editor. 1882, T. B. Wilder, lawyer.
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