198 History of Wake Forest College
students at Chapel Hill last term were able to pay tuition. The same
will be true, and perhaps in a larger proportion, among those who will
avail themselves of the increased number of free scholarships, and if
the tendency of this principle shall result in North Carolina as it has in
Virginia, and all State students be free, then we shall have a
benefaction enforced by involuntary taxation, which will enure to the
benefit of the well-to-do and even the richest families of the State.
In the third place, the fact will be that the number of poor young
men of the State who will be aided in securing a liberal education will
not be materially increased. No worthy youth ever asked help from
either of the denominational colleges in North Carolina in vain, and
the three most prominent of these colleges are now aiding, either
wholly or in part, 165 young men who are pursuing their studies.
To detract from the patronage of these institutions, as we believe
this measure would certainly do, would be to deprive them, in a like
proportion, of the power to help these poor, but promising, young
men, and hence would not advance the cause of education.
We object to the measure in the third place, because we believe it
would be detrimental to the interests of education throughout the
Chapel Hill is one of several colleges of the State imparting the
same grade of instruction. If it were educating as many youths as all
the other colleges combined, even then it would be neither just nor
wise for it to enjoy the benefit of special legislation to the injury of
other colleges of the State.
The fact is, however, that it has no larger patronage than one of
these colleges, and constitutes but a small part of the educating force
of the State in comparison with what all the other colleges are doing.
But the injury of such special legislation reaches far beyond the
colleges and extends to every academy and high school in the State,
since they are brought into indirect and unfair competition with the
state school that receives students of almost any degree of
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