The First Fight Against Appropriations 199
We humbly submit, in the fourth place, that the denominational
colleges are entitled to the respect and protection of the State.
Indeed, if we are not greatly mistaken, the developments of the past
few years have shown that these colleges possess a value and vitality,
as factors in the great work of education, which do not belong to the
State school at Chapel Hill. When for years the State school was in a
state of suspended animation and did nothing for the cause of
education, these institutions, revived and sustained by the noble
sacrifices of their friends, were dispensing far and near the blessings
of sanctified learning. And the truth of this petition appears again in
the fact Chapel Hill, with its magnificent outfit of buildings,
apparatus, etc.; its long line of Alumni; the overshadowing influence
of State prestige, and an endowment amounting to $125,000, is
unable to sustain itself, while these denominational colleges are in an
effective and even prosperous condition.
Finally, since we believe this measure will be injurious to the
welfare of our colleges, and will, if it become law, inflict upon us the
insupportable injustice of being taxed to sustain an act fraught with
serious evil to our highest interests and in violation of our most sacred
rights, we do as citizens and representatives of several Christian
denominations enter our most solemn protest against the measure as
inexpedient, unfair and unjust, and on principle we will resist its
passage by every legitimate means within our power.
T. H. Pritchard, B. Craven, L. M. McKinnon, J. D. Hufham, John L.
Brown, F. L. Reid, L. L. Polk, Committee on the part of a joint
meeting, representing the Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian
Colleges of the State, held in Raleigh, Feb. 9th, 1881.5
Of those who signed the Memorial, three, Polk, Pritchard and
Hufham, were Baptists. According to Pritchard, Wake Forest was left
alone to fight the matter before the Legislature, and he said that it
required the most strenuous efforts of Dr. J. D.
5 Biblical Recorder, February 16, 1881. Copies with request for publication were
sent to the chief religious and secular papers of the State. A summary is found in
Battle, History of University of North Carolina, II, 220ff.
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