12 History of Wake Forest College
have as many as two classes in the collegiate department were classed
as academic students and required to study under the supervision of
the tutor.17
It is well to observe here that the college catalogues for 1866 and
1867 are for the two sessions beginning in January and closing in
December. There is no separate catalogue for 1868; there is no
catalogue record for the term, January to June, 1868, but the next
catalogue after that for the calendar year 1867 is for the collegiate
year beginning August, 1868, and closing with June, 1869. After this
the catalogues are for the regular collegiate years.
In the session January 15 to July 5, 1866, fifty-one students
registered of whom seventeen were collegiate and thirty-four
academic students. In the fall term of the same year the registration
was sixty, of which nineteen were in the collegiate and forty-one in
the academic department, the total for both terms, omitting
duplications being sixty-seven. Only two had previously been
students of the College; these were Roscius P. Thomas of Bertie and
H. M. Cates of Orange; the former received the bachelor of arts
degree in 1869, studied medicine at the University of Virginia and at
New York University, winning his M.D. degree in 1871, and until his
death, October 28, 1916, practiced his profession at Cofield, Hertford
County; for many years he was a trustee of the College. Cates had
been a student from 1858 to 1862; entered the Confederate army and
was parolled at Appomattox; he was the first student to register after
the Civil War, he graduated in 1868, and devoted himself to teaching-
first in Illinois, later in Missouri, and still later in Chatham County. In
his later years he made his home in his native Orange where he died
in the Spring of 1903, leaving in his will $1,000 each to the college
and the Thomasville Orphanage, and $600 to the Baptist Female
Among other students of collegiate grade
were W. O. Allen, A. J. Battle, J. B. Brewer, F. P. Hobgood, G. W.
Greene, H. A. Foote, S. E. Overby, and J. C.
17 Faculty Record Book, 106, 109; catalogue of 1866.
Biblical Recorder, April 22, 1903.
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