202 History of Wake Forest College
on this account. We have a high appreciation of the value of the State
college to the cause of education, and would rejoice at its prosperity,
but we cannot be silent when a measure is proposed by which we
should be taxed to give it a privilege that will cripple the influence
and usefulness of our college.
"We protest that we do not wish to injure Chapel Hill-merely aim to
protect ourselves."
The controversy over appropriations for the University was to be
revived in 1885, but not with any great intensity. It was several years
later that increasing appropriations by the General Assembly had
encouraged President Winston of the University to make what Wake
Forest and some of the other denominational colleges believed an
unfair competition for students. It was this rather than the
appropriations themselves that brought on the fight of a decade later.
Pritchard has a fuller statement in reply to editorial article of the Oxonian of
Oxford, N. C., in the Biblical Recorder of March 23, 1881.
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