President Pritchard's great activity in the fight for Wake Forest and
the other colleges of the State before the Legislature did not engross
all his time. He was a constant student of the educational needs of the
State, and in January, 1881, he advanced in the Biblical Recorder the
view that there were 10,000 young men in North Carolina who ought
to be in high schools or academies, some to prepare for college and
others to prepare for their life work. And he thought that even with
the few preparatory schools then in the State Wake Forest should have
500 students, instead of the 178 it had enrolled at the beginning of the
spring term which was increased to 181 later. Another task which
Pritchard set himself at this time was that of writing a history of Wake
Forest College, and he actually prepared and published several
articles, the first appearing in the Biblical Recorder of March 16,
1881, the last, number 8, in the same paper of May 25, 1881, which
brings the story down to 1839, with many intercalary notes relating to
more recent matters. At this time he prepared also "A Brief Sketch of
Baptist History in North Carolina," which was published in the
Minutes of the Baptist State Convention for 1880. But the most
important historical work on which he was engaged at this time was
the preparation of biographical sketches for the twenty pages allowed
North Carolina Baptists in Cathcart's Baptist Encyclopaedia, articles
which in point of style and content are certainly equal to the best in
that great work. In addition to all this President Pritchard wrote much
for the Biblical Recorder and possibly other periodicals, articles on all
kinds of subjects. Among these was a series of seven "Letters from
the North," beginning with the issue of the paper of July 27, 1881.
They were written while he was serving the Memorial Baptist Church
of Philadelphia and
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