Pritchard's Last Year at Wake Forest, 1881-1882 205
they formally made petition to the faculty for so much. The faculty
already with warm and sympathetic hearts had allowed them two
days. Encouraged by such generosity the students put in their petition.
To their surprise it was returned marked "Granted." "But oh! that next
clause 'From the 23rd to the 26th.'-Just think of it! Four days for
Christmas this yearFriday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday! To our faculty
thanks should be voted in style and a monument voted." But the
students who remained at Wake Forest had the pleasure of seeing the
Wake Forest Amateur Troupe at their first appearance in public, when
various members acquitted themselves creditably before an
appreciative and delighted audience, as they appeared in such roles as
"Widow Bedott," "Biddy," "Bones," and "Pat." In the spring of the
year there was a series of three baseball games between the college
team and that of the town, which went to the town two to one after
most furious contests. One of two things the College needed
indispensably, a new clock or a new negro; John did not keep the
clock in order; after a while Professor Mills got a new clock and put it
in the south front window of his office, now the south wing of the
Library, and cared for it himself. In those days the students came from
classes with such reflections: "If a young man of susceptible nature is
led by the witchery of love to transport himself into the ideal realm,
there to be borne up on wings into the empyrean of a lover's life, just
ask him to find the value of subtangent of logarithmic curve, or to
determine whether a plane curve has rectilinear asymptotes," etc. The
students note with great pleasure the fact that Wake Forest is
becoming a favorite visiting place for the young ladies of the State.
Rev. Elias Dodson comes and advises a young lady about her dress
and time for marrying, and the importance of saving her money and
using it for travel. The College is visited by teachers of penmanship,
and elocution, and singing, who offer prizes for the one who makes
most progress. The Seniors are thinking of adopting as their class hat
a white plug. One of the chief industries of the students is the careful
cultivation of the
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