206 History of Wake Forest College
incipient mustache. One sorrowful swain wants it known that he
thinks girls ought at least to acknowledge receipt of tickets. The
members of the faculty are reminded that the Seniors would enjoy
being entertained at dinner, as is done in some colleges. Tom Dixon
speaks in a debate at Anniversary and gets a majority of seventy
votes. A traveling photographer has been in town for several weeks.
The autographs album mania is at its height. Natural Science is
becoming a favorite study. The weekly Musicales are becoming
popular-all invited to attend. Large straw hats for the young ladies
have become all the go, so large that even a large student sitting
behind a wearer cannot see the preacher-a choice position, perhaps.
Dr. Jones and family of Tarboro have at last come and occupied their
beautiful new house (in 1943 the home of Mrs. Carlyle). The Gruber
family have given an entertainment at Wake Forest, Mr. Gruber
standing on one foot and playing nine different instruments. On the
Easter Monday holiday a company of young ladies and young men
went to Ezekiel Rock, eight miles away on Neuse River; they as well
as the little children who had a picnic got back before night. A
matrimonial insurance agent has been working among the students
and doing a good business. Governor Jarvis said at Commencement
that there was not a member of the Board of Trustees who felt a
greater interest in Wake Forest College than he did
In March, 1881, President Pritchard had declined a call to become
the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Savannah, Georgia. In fact,
his services as a preacher were in constant demand, and doubtless he
found his highest joy in the pulpit. We have seen that he preached in
Philadelphia for six weeks in the summer of 1881. On October 16 of
that year he preached the dedicatory sermon of the new church for the
colored Baptists of Wake Forest.3 In March, 1882, he preached the
sermon before the American Baptist Publication Society in the New
York An-
2 The above items are taken from the Wake Forest Student, January
to July, 1882.
Biblical Recorder, November 9, 1881.
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