Pritchard's Last Year at Wake Forest, 1881-1882 207
niversaries, and in the same month accepted the unanimous call to the
pastorate of the Broad Baptist Church of Louisville,
reason as given in his report to the Board of Trustees of the College in
June, 1882, was that he was acting from a sense of duty. In a
statement published in the Biblical Recorder of May 31, 1882, he had
The die is cast. I have accepted the call to Louisville after a struggle that has
made me sick. I grieve to leave my native State, and the great interest with it, with
which I have been so long identified. But the pastorate is my proper place and I
return to it from a sense of duty. The Lord will see that His cause suffers no
In words of like tenor with those of the Board of Trustees, the
Biblical Recorder said editorially that to lose such a man was a
calamity; for many years he had occupied a unique place among his
brethren and been the central figure and representative Baptist of
North Carolina; but as a minister of the gospel qualified of God for
the work, in which were his heart and soul, he did right in returning to
Dr. Pritchard's name will often appear again in this history. Owing
to the ill health of his wife in the climate of Louisville he did not long
remain there but returned to North Carolina, serving pastorates first in
Wilmington and later in Charlotte. He again became a trustee of the
College and took a leading part in all denominational enterprises until
his death on May 23, 1896.
Wake Forest Student, I, 283.
5 Biblical Recorder, June 14, 1882.
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