To secure a worthy successor to President Pritchard was no easy
task for the Trustees. He had taught them that there was a vast and
important work to be done by the President of Wake Forest College.
The College did, indeed, need endowment, at least $50,000
additional, but it needed still more a representative who by his
presence among the people and by his inspiration could move them to
a greater interest in education. Pritchard while in the presidency had
addressed not fewer than 60,000 people, increased the enrollment of
the College from one-third to one-half, and had aided not only Wake
Forest but nearly all the colleges and academies of the State. There
was not a school of any grade which had not benefited from his
labors. The Baptists especially needed such a man to encourage them
to educate their children. Accordingly, the next president must be a
man who, like Pritchard, would speak to all these people. It was a
man to do this work rather than that of the classroom that the College
During the meeting at the Commencement of 1882 the Trustees
elected to the presidency Rev. A. C. Dixon, then pastor of the Baptist
Church at Chapel
Since he did not accept the place the Trustees
had another meeting in Raleigh on July 6, 1882, and left the
recommendation of a man for the place to a committee of five.3 At the
same meeting William Bailey Royall was elected chairman of the
faculty, in which position he was for two years to direct the
administration of the College, since the Board elected no president in
that time. Having been born on September 4, 1844, he was on the
opening of the college session
Editorial article in Biblical Recorder, July 5, 1882.
2 Dr. Hufham immediately declared that it was the best selection that could
possibly have been made. Ibid. June 21, 1882.
3 This committee consisted of T. E. Skinner, W. H. Pace, L. L. Polk, C. T. Bailey,
J. D. Hufham. Ibid. July 12, 1882.
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