William Bailey Royall, Chairman of Faculty 209
thirty-eight years old, and in the prime of his powers. He had not
sought the place and thought that he would soon be relieved of its
duties, certainly after a year, when he expected the Trustees to elect a
president. At that time no president had yet been found and he
remained as chairman another year. He had had charge of the Greek
department of the College since it resumed operations in January,
1866, and had been full professor since 1870. The College had
conferred on him the degree of Master of Arts in 1866; later, in 1887,
he received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from Judson College,
Hendersonville, North Carolina.
It was not expected that Professor Royall would take the field; he
remained at the College and devoted himself to the work of the
classroom and the administration. During the two years of his
chairmanship the College was doing some of its best work. Even
though no active agent was in the field, the enrollment fell off very
little. It had been 169 in 1881-82; it was 165 in 1882-83, and 161 in
1883-84. The regular staff of the faculty continued as it had been,
except that for 1882-83 E. E. Hilliard served as Tutor of Languages, a
place which was filled the next year by W. F. Marshall; and for the
Spring term of 1882-83, and for the year 1883-84 E. G. Beckwith
served as Tutor of Mathematics.
The graduates of 1883 were: Master of Arts-Thomas Dixon, Jr., H.
B. Folk, Jr., H. P. Markham, W. H. Osborne, T. J. Simmons; Bachelor
of Arts-E. S. Alderman, G. P. Bostick, G. C. Briggs, W. R. Walters;
Bachelor of Letters-C. G. Jones, Jr., W. F. Marshall; Bachelor of
Science-L. L. Jenkins. The graduates for 1884 were: Master of Arts-
E. G. Beckwith, J. C. C. Dunford, W. H. S. Kornegay; Bachelor of
Arts-H. A. Chappell, W. W. Kitchin, I. G. Riddick, W. S. Royall, W.
V. Savage; Bachelor of Letters-D. M. Austin, W. B. Morton, W. B.
Pope, W. S. Splawn; Bachelor of Science-R. S. Green, A. M.
Redfearn, C. L. Smith, W. E. Wooten.
Of these, two, Riddick and Redfearn, became physicians, the
former locating at Youngsville, and the latter at Dudley, South
Carolina. Three were planters, Walters in his native county of
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