William Bailey Royall, Chairman of Faculty 211
afterwards both as practicing lawyer and in various public offices was
one of the leaders of the State, until his death early in 1940; the other,
Kitchin, served his district in Congress, and North Carolina as
Governor, 1909-13. Twelve of the twenty-nine graduates of these two
years became ministers of the gospel. Of these Dixon won great
renown as an able, fearless and eloquent preacher in pastorates in
Boston and New York, but his bestknown work was in the line of
authorship. His greatest success was with the historical novels, The
Leopard's Spots and The Clansman, stories of Reconstruction days in
the South, and in his play, The Birth of a Nation, which was filmed
for production as a motion picture. Beckwith's chief work was as
teacher, but he served some rural churches near Wake Forest. Several
worked as ministers in other States―Osborne in Tennessee and
Florida, Royall in Virginia, Jones in Virginia and Tennessee, Pope in
the Far West, and Splawn in Texas. Bostic from February, 1889, until
his death was a missionary to China. Alderman served pastorates in
Kentucky and other states. Savage, held pastorates in northeastern
North Carolina and in Virginia. Austin labored at Charlotte; Morton at
In the middle of Professor Royall's first year as Chairman of the
faculty, in January, 1883, Professor Taylor began his campaign to
bring the endowment of the College to $100,000. This made it
necessary for him to be absent from Wake Forest and for his classes
to be provided for otherwise. This the other members of the faculty
did by distributing the work among
As no successor to
President Pritchard as teacher of the classes in Moral Philosophy had
been provided, this work was already being done by Professors
Simmons and William Royall. On Dr. Taylor's taking the field all the
teaching of the College fell to the five regular professors-Dr. Royall,
and Professors W. B. Royall, L. R. Mills, W. G. Simmons, and W. L.
Poteat, with the assistance of Tutor E. G. Beckwith who at this
Minutes of the Faculty for Feb. 2, 1883. Wake Forest Student, II, 232.
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