William Bailey Royall, Chairman of Faculty 213
were giving their time and attention to baseball, croquet and
musicales and leaping, and in the colder months to roller skating on
the new rink provided by Professor L. W. Bagley on the second floor
of his high school building on North College Street, who was duly
thanked for his interest "in breaking the monotony of our school
Though skating continued to be popular in the fall of 1885 "a
brand-new game known as 'Bull-pen,' was introduced by the boys." 8
In the fall of 1886 lawn tennis was brought to Wake Forest by Dr. J.
R. Duggan, professor of Chemistry. Baseball was "all the go" at the
College as late as September, 1887, but on Thursday of the State Fair
in October, 1888, Wake Forest and The University of North Carolina
played on the Fair grounds the first intercollegiate game of football
ever played in North Carolina9 of which more is told in another
In the fall of 1883, the faculty perhaps under pressure from the
students, began to think of the establishment of a gymnasium for the
College. The Old Chapel was vacant and could be used for the
purpose. On September 28, 1883, a committee was appointed
consisting of Professors Mills, Simmons and Taylor to report upon the
advisability of converting it into a gymnasium, which committee
advised that the matter be referred to the Trustees at their meeting in
Edenton in the following November.10 The Trustees agreed to the
proposal of the faculty and voted five hundred dollars to provide
apparatus. At their meeting in June, 1884, they entrusted the matter to
a committee―C. E. Taylor, F. M. Purefoy, and W. G.
The students getting wind of the matter early in the session expressed
their joy and the gratification of their parents.12 They did not wait for
the furnishing of the gymnasium, but some of them purchased ropes
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The students are anxious for it to be fitted up very soon and in as good style as
practicable. Then, boys, you can cut your antics and 'didoes' to your hearts' content."
Wake Forest Student, October, 1883.
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