William Bailey Royall, Chairman of Faculty 217
ditions to the church by baptism, most of them students, and a great
number by letter.
The influence of this meeting continued on the Campus, and as the
college year and Chairman Royall's pastorate were closing the editor
of the Wake Forest Student said: "Religiously great advances have
been made on the part of quite a number of students. Education
graced by true consecration has been the motto of him by whom we
have been guided."
On Chairman Royall's resignation of the pastorate on June 7, 1883,
Rev. R. T, Vann, was called to the place. Mr. Vann was not a member
of the college faculty and his election to the pastorate of the church
marked a departure from the previous arrangement under which the
church had for its pastor the presiding officer of the College. From
this time, however, the pastor of the church has been also the chaplain
of the College, and the College has shared in his support. In the
beginning the total salary of Vann was $900, of which the church paid
$600 and the College $300.17 It was in the second Sunday in October,
1883, that Dr. Vann entered on the duties of his pastorate, in which he
continued until October, 1889. He was a graduate of the College in
the class of 1873, after which he had attended the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary, the first of the pastors of the Wake Forest
church who had that advantage, and had already served several
churches, the last being that of Murfreesboro, and from his college
days had a reputation for wit and humor and repartee, and powers as a
Being still unmarried he found what comfort he could in quarters in
the former storehouse of Elder J. S. Purefoy on the College Hotel lot,
on South Main Street, now converted into dormitories, and later
dubbed "Paradise" by Professor Benjamin Sledd. These quarters he
shared with his cousin, R. R. Savage, a student. It may be mentioned
here that he remained single only about two years. On October 21,
1885, he married Miss Ella R. McVeigh of Loudon County, Virginia.
After that time, by his own provision, not that of the church, he found
a home in a two-room
17 Proceedings, p. 337. Records of Wake Forest Church.
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