220 History of Wake Forest College
were ordained to the gospel ministry-J. B. Harrell, W. S. Splawn, D.
W. Herring, E. 11. Poteat, J. H. Lamberth, W. B. Morton and W. S.
Ballard, all of whom proved ministers of great worth and several of
marked distinction.
Despite the drawbacks mentioned above, there are several in-
dications that the College was making progress during the last year of
Dr. Royall's chairmanship. By resolution of the faculty "sun time"
was abandoned, and "the time of the College henceforth was made
that of the 75th meridian standard." 21 At least a beginning was made
towards keeping cows, sheep, and hogs out of the Campus. On
October 20, 1882, on receiving a communication from the Euzelian
Society, "respecting the admission of cows, hogs and sheep into the
Campus," the faculty expressed the view that "hogs and sheep be
excluded, but that cows be admitted." It had been the custom to
protect by barbed wire the shrubbery from the cows, but this seemed
unsatisfactory, for the cows would still get at the shrubs, and they
failed to keep down by their grazing the broom sedge and present a
smooth lawn. Taking account of this the faculty at a special meeting,
February 25, 1884, voted that for the remainder of the year cows be
kept off the Campus and that $200 be appropriated to its
improvement, which was entrusted to Professors Mills and Taylor.
One of their first duties was to keep up the fences around the Campus,
for all stock-hogs, sheep, cows and goats-was then running on the
range, and was not until the 9th day of March, 1885, that a special act
of the General Assembly, applying only to the township of Wake
Forest, enabled that township to build a fence to keep out the stock of
adjacent townships that did not have a no-fence
From this time
may be dated that improvement of the Campus, planned by Dr.
Taylor, which has made the Wake Forest Campus one of the most
beautiful parks in the State.
As was said above, Professor Royall had recognized that his
appointment as chairman was only for a brief period. Accordingly, he
tendered his resignation in his report to the Board of Trustees,
21 Minute of the Faculty, January 25, 1881.
Laws of North Carolina, Session 1885. Chapter 270.
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