William Bailey Royall, Chairman of Faculty 221
June 12, 1883. Something of the spirit with which he had under taken
and continued the work and was now thinking to give it up may be
seen in the opening and closing paragraphs of that report, which are as
The good hand of God has been upon our beloved College during the session
now closing. Faithful instruction, diligent application to study, excellent order, and
exemption from dangerous epidemics, have marked the year's record. More than all
this, we believe gracious influences from the Divine Spirit have given tone and
direction to a large proportion of the work done.
In conclusion it is with unfeigned gratitude to God for His gracious guidance, and
with sincere appreciation of your confidence, that I now surrender to you the trust
committed temporarily to my hands, nearly a year ago. I have sought to do the work
which was thus unexpectedly put upon inexperienced shoulders as in the sight
constantly of Him with whom is the final reckoning, and who "of God is made unto
us wisdom." May He by His Holy Spirit direct your minds to whatever conclusions
may be reached during your present session.
Chairman Royall, however, was continued in his responsible office
for a year longer. His report at the commencement of 1884 was very
short, being devoted almost entirely to a statement of the faculty's
desire for the expansion of the work in the sciences into three separate
departments, and to a just appreciation of the work of Professor C. E.
Taylor in bringing the endowment to $100,000. Soon afterwards, at a
meeting of the Executive Committee, Professor Royall notified the
Board that he declined to serve longer as Chairman of the Faculty.
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