The Endowment, 1876-83 227
in his name. Chowan Association was appealed to because of the
known liberality of its churches.
All three of the agents were soon busy at work, but none of them
succeeded in completing the endowments of the chairs entrusted to
them, though all had some initial success. After being in the field six
months Taylor returned to his work in the College at the opening of
the spring term in January, 1877; at the meeting of the Central
Association of 1877 it was reported that two thirds of the amount had
been raised in cash and pledges. On the "Wait Chair" Purefoy secured
the pledge of the Flat River Association of $7,000 as its part, but the
other Associations did little. In the Chowan Association only a few of
the churches showed any great interest. After the first enthusiasm had
died away little more was done, though the Board of Trustees con-
tinued to talk of completing the endowment of the chairs, as late as
1880. Many details of the work on these hopeless undertakings may
be found in the Biblical Recorder of the period and in the minutes of
the Associations concerned, which it would be tedious to enumerate
here. Several of the agents seem to have worked on the endowments,
as opportunity offered, for several years.
Though the agents failed to realize their objectives their work
was not altogether fruitless. They secured some cash as well as
subscriptions and the cash received went to increase the general
endowment of the College. Only Purefoy, however, made regular
reports to the Board of collections and expenses, at the annual
meetings: in 1877, cash and subscriptions, 87,430.15, and collected in
the North $8,948.72; in 1878, $1,074.85-to Treasurer, $715.75,
retained on salary $359.10; in 1879, $678.53-to Treasurer $420.00,
salary $200, on hand $58.53; in 1880, $2,400.53-to Treasurer $2,000,
salary, six per cent of collections, $144, on hand $214.06; in 1881,
$1,256.20-to endowment $1,096.37; in 1882, $885. The total,
beginning with 1878, collections was $6,298.11; paid to treasurer,
$5,117.12. In this time other funds were constantly coming in small
amount into the hands of the treasurer for endowment; in 1878,
$6,586.68; in 1879, no report found, but endowment fund increased
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