228 History of Wake Forest College
$3,000; in 1880, $3,691.89; in 1881, $2,442.33; in 1882, $3,564.39.
On November 15, 1883, the endowment had reached the amount of
553,600.8 For the goal the remainder to be collected or raised was
846,400. It was at this time that Dr. Taylor began the great canvass
that first brought the endowment to 5100,000, of which an account
will be found in another chapter.
In the meantime the Trustees had been constantly making efforts of
one kind or another to increase their funds. In June, 1877, Dr. J. D.
Hufham, then associate editor of the Biblical Recorder, "at the earnest
solicitation of the Board of Trustees," gave up his editorial work and
entered the field as agent for the College at a salary of $1,500 a year,
payable monthly, but he seems to have given up the work after about
a year. In June, 1878, R. R. Overby was appointed agent to work for
the Chowan Chair, at a salary of $1,200 and traveling expenses; at the
same time J. L. Carroll was appointed agent for other sections on the
same terms. After he became President, in August, 1879, Dr. T. H.
Pritchard was much in the field and, as occasion offered, solicited
funds for the endowment, but secured no great amount. In his report
to the Board in June, 1880, he urged that arrangements be made for
the speedy completion of the endowment. Nothing had been done,
however, when the Board met at Goldsboro in November, at which
time both Pritchard and Taylor urged the election of an agent for the
work. Failing to secure R. H. Griffith of Charlotte, who was offered a
salary of $1,500, the Board entrusted the raising of the endowment to
Pritchard and Taylor. At the meeting of the Board June, 1881,
Pritchard reported that he had been in the field since January but that
Taylor had been kept at home by his own feeble health and that of his
wife. Pritchard himself had secured the appointment of Rev. J. A.
Speight as agent for the "Chowan Chair," and the promise of Rev. J.
A. Stradley to act as agent for the "Wait Chair." Pritchard's own
labors had been largely confined to cultivating the field. At this
meeting the Trustees voted to undertake the raising of $25,000
apportioned among Associations
Letter of C. E. Taylor, Biblical Recorder, September 19, 1883.
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