The Endowment, 1876-83 229
and churches, naming the agents for each. Nothing more was heard of
it. At their meeting in Winston in the following November the Board
offered the agency to Dr. J. D. Hufham, but he declined. At the
Commencement in June, 1882, Pritchard could only report that the
endowment was slowly increasing. The Treasurer's report showed that
$3,564.39 had been added during the
Invested Funds were
reported by the Treasurer in June, 1882, as follows: Raleigh City
Bonds, $17,000; Wilmington and Weldon Railroad Stock, $1,000;
McDowell County Bonds, $1,000; Insurance on Wingate Memorial
Building $60; Bonds and Mortgages, $30,547.98; Bonds, $1,000;
Money on hand, S70.29. Total $50,678.27. In that year the treasurer
paid the bursar $3,023.73, and the bursar received from student fees
S5,247.80, and from old accounts and notes $1,146.26, and from
miscellaneous sources enough to bring a total of $10,157.86. He had
paid the faculty $8,214.07, and was due them on arrears of several
years $5,126.59.
9 Proceedings, pp. 189-267, years 1876-1882.
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