Born August 17, 1840 Died August 18, 1920
Professor of Mathematics, Wake Forest College, 1867-1907
Bursar of Wake Forest College, 1877-1907
His great work is done. He gave his life and all his talents to the
College. He had tempting offers to go elsewhere. Once he was invited
to the University of North Carolina as Professor of Mathematics at
nearly twice the salary he was then receiving. He considered the
matter but his devotion kept him at Wake Forest.--G. W. Paschal in
"Mills Memorial" number of The Wake Forest Student.
* * *
He loved God and was at home with Him even while he walked the
pathways of the earthly life. That secret fellowship explains his
equanimity and single-heartedness and that aura of other-worldliness
which his friends saw enveloping him always and the most distant
could see when he meditated aloud before the open word of God. W.
L. Poteat in "Mills Memorial" number of The Wake Forest Student.
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