234 History of Wake Forest College
it out together; at any rate the Board immediately adopted
The Baptist State Convention then in session in Warrenton heard
with much enthusiasm of the purpose to raise the endowment of the
College to $100,000. Dr. J. L. 1I. Curry, recently appointed agent of
the Peabody Fund, was present and in an address on the general
subject of illiteracy in North Carolina turned aside to urge on Baptist
laymen the necessity of endowment of the College, declaring, "A
college that has attained its growth is dead."
Professor Taylor also came before the Convention as Secretary of
the Board of Education (ministerial), but getting to the interest then
most on his heart, he said: "We must immediately endow Wake Forest
College. It must be done by a few men."
There had been so many
ineffectual campaigns for funds for the College that many doubtless
thought that this was to be another of the same kind, but those who
knew Professor Taylor knew better. They were confident that he
would succeed in his purposes. "Nothing that I have heard in a long
time," said Dr. T. H. Pritchard, writing from Louisville, Kentucky,
"has given me so much pleasure as the intelligence that the Baptists of
North Carolina, under the leadership of Professor C. E. Taylor, have
begun in earnest to endow their college."
And this satisfaction was
From this time until the end of the year 1883 Professor Taylor gave
himself almost wholly to the work, being released from his duties at
the College.4 His salary as professor, however, continued, and the
interest on the funds he collected paid his traveling expenses, so that
every cent of his collections went into the
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His classes were taught by Professor W. L. Poteat and Tutor W. F. Marshall.
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Now and then the editors of the Student express regret at his absence, as in
December, 1882; and again in December, 1883. This having only six professors did
not please them.
5 Biblical Recorder, November 28, 1883.
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