The Endowment, Charles E. Taylor 235
It was not the nature of Professor Taylor to make fervid appeals
privately or in public speech or in the press, in this differing much
from most of those who had previously solicited funds for the
College. His first care was to give assurance that Wake Forest College
was sound financially and its funds well invested; in the Biblical
Recorder of January 3, 1883, he quoted from the records of the Board
of Trustees the regulations protecting its investments, and made the
statement oft repeated during the year by himself and others that not
one cent of the invested funds of the College had been lost since the
Civil War. The following extracts from his letters in the Biblical
Recorder indicate his methods of work:
If the Lord gives me health and strength, I expect within the next ninety days to
visit many brethren. I can only lay the matter, as a part of the Lord's work before
them, and pray that their hearts may be opened to give liberally-I know not how to
beg (February 14, 1883). I don't want one stingy dollar to contaminate the
endowment fund. It must come willingly and spontaneously through love for our
Lord Jesus Christ (May 23, 1883). I can only lay the matter before the brethren. I
cannot make them give and would not if I could (August 26, 1883). I am doing all I
can to secure it, yet, after all, I can only lay the matter before my brethren and ask
their aid. It is my wish to have a clear conscience of having done my duty faithfully.
In putting the matter before our people I transfer the responsibility to them (October
31, 1883). I shall return to the duties of my chair in January. Whether I succeed or
fail, I shall at least have a clear conscience that I have done my best (November 28,
In the prosecution of the work in the way indicated Professor
Taylor worked most strenuously throughout the entire period of his
agency, "assiduously laboring day and night," "bending all the tireless
energies of his being to the completion of the $100,000 endowment"
before the end of the time limit.6 His first field was the State, which
then had a population of 1,399,750, but not the entire State, since at
that time the Western North Carolina Baptist State Convenion was
still in existence and the
6 Biblical Recorder, January 17, 1883; October 10, 1883.
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