236 History of Wake Forest College
Baptists of the churches of that Convention had a college of their
own, Judson College at Hendersonville, which they were asked to
support. The agent of Wake Forest College was under the necessity of
confining his labors to the territory east of the Blue Ridge and the
Baptists of the churches there, who then numbered about 166,000, not
many of them wealthy. In this field he was "unremitting in his
One week he was in Wake County, another in
Mecklenburg, another in Cleveland, another in Anson, another in
New Hanover, another in Franklin. Acting on his conviction that the
greater part of the endowment must be secured from a few wealthier
men he saw such, and he had the personality to command their
attention and consideration of his mission; when he had left them he
had transferred the responsibility to them and often had imparted to
them his own interest in the College. Professor Taylor had that
transforming power. And it was from men who were able to give
large gifts for those days-$500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000-that he
secured two-thirds of the needed
Before January 1, 1883, "within ninety days," the agent had secured
in the State more than $27,000. Soon after this he left for New York,
hoping to secure the $20,000 there and thus complete the endowment.
As he went he was provided with letters of recommendation from
Rev. J. S. Purefoy, Dr. W. G. Simmons, Treasurer of the College,
Hon. John C. Scarborough, State Superintendent of Public Instruction,
Hon. Thos. J. Jarvis, Governor of North Carolina, Dr. J. L. M. Curry,
General Agent of the Peabody Fund, H. M. Tupper, then President of
Shaw University.
7 Wake Forest Student, December, 1882.
The largest gift was $10,000 by Mr. Jabez A. Bostwick of New York. The next
largest was $5,000, by Mr. Sidney S. Lea of Caswell County, North Carolina.
Subscriptions of $1,000 were made and paid by C. M. Cooke, John Watson, J. T.
Webb, Jos. C. Etheridge, Mrs. R. H. Markham, James Blackwell, Calvin H.
Beckwith, Langley Tayloe and John Mitchell, Dr. T. E. Skinner and the First Baptist
Church of Raleigh, W. C. Powell and R. E. Royall, Col. C. Austen, Dr. E. A.
Covington and D. N. Bennett. Subscriptions for $500 were made by W. W. Vass, L.
Crocker Dunn, W. H. Pace, Mark Gregory, W. G. Upchurch, Dr. Fleming, G. R.
French and Sons, Dr. 0. F. Baxter, and one for $400 by W. H. Blount. The total of
these larger subscriptions was $31,400.
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