240 History of Wake Forest College
made before November 1, 1882, offering certain concessions and
discounts, and to count what he should get towards making up the
$100,000 total. Accordingly, Professor Taylor set about this part of
the work at once, and continued it throughout his campaign. In
December, 1882, with the authorization of the Board of Trustees he
addressed a letter to each person whose note had not been paid,
proposing, if paid in ninety days, to accept payment for four-fifths of
the face value. Some responded paying on the basis proposed, and
some in full; others promised to pay later, a few repudiated their
notes, but the great majority entirely ignored the request for prompt
payment. At the expiration of the ninety days the Board extended the
offer for sixty days longer. At this time Professor Taylor, writing in
the Biblical Recorder of April 4, 1883, urged payment as a moral
obligation, declaring that the Board had no intention of collecting the
notes by legal process, but dwelling on the great help towards com-
pleting the endowment fund prompt payment would be. In the
meantime Elder J. A. Speight had been urging those of the Chowan
Association who had given their notes at his solicitation to pay,
accepting the twenty per cent reduction.13
Again, about October 1, 1883, Professor Taylor wrote letters to
those who had given notes urging prompt payment, but as in his
personal solicitations with no undue pressure. "I leave the matter with
the brethren," he wrote in the Biblical Recorder of October 10, 1883.
"It has been made my duty to try to collect these notes, and my
conscience is clear when I have done what I could to secure
Just how much Professor Taylor secured from collections on old
notes and pledges is uncertain. Indications, however, are that the
amount was as much as six thousand dollars, probably as much as
eight thousand. In June, 1883, the endowment showed an increase for
the year of $9,132.58, and since November, 1882, an increase of
$5,500, most of which had come from collections on these old notes.
Returning now to our account of new subscriptions and cash
Biblical Recorder, February 28, 1883.
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