The Endowment, Charles E. Taylor 241
payments, we find that after the initial success in securing sub-
scriptions for $27,000 in three months, Professor Taylor found getting
the remaining $13,000 a very slow process. Before the
commencement in June, 1883, however, enough progress had been
made to enable him to make a somewhat encouraging report.
Addressing the audience assembled on Commencement day, at the
request of Dr. R. H. Marsh, President of the Board of Trustees, he
said that within the past two months he had received enough in
subscriptions and cash to make him believe that before the year was
ended the $100,000 would be in the treasury of the College. And yet
those who knew him best could detect that behind all his brave words
was a spirit of uneasiness, and that he was keying himself for the
arduous task of getting an unheard of amount from people not noted
for their liberality. Showing some of the emotion that welled in his
heart on this occasion he said: "Friends, we must have this
endowment before the end of the year. Society is being transformed.
We are passing from the Old South to the New South. Now is the time
for us to do that which is to decide the future destiny of Wake Forest
Collections came in very slowly; for several months nothing; in
March, 1883, $261; in April $348.40; in May
on July 7,
$10,000, Mr. Bostwick's contribution. Naturally after this Professor
Taylor was more hopeful and he began to talk encouragingly of
"putting the capstone on our fund of $100,000 before the end of the
year"-success was in
in September cash receipts were
$641.05; in October $325; in November $890.05; total to December
1, 1883, $14,721.50, and one month to go.
There was nothing very encouraging in these figures, and through
the last few months the eager and earnest agent pondered much on
them, sometimes seemingly not certain of what they meant. In the
middle of September, with $70,000 in the treasury and $15,000
additional in good pledges, the fund was still $15,000 short, and he
was fearing that the friends of the College would re-
14 Biblical Recorder, June 20, 1883.
Treasurer's receipts in Taylor's notebook.
16 Biblical Recorder, September 5, 1883.
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