242 History of Wake Forest College
lax in their efforts. If success was to be attained, he said, three things
were necessary: (1) every one who had given a note must pay; (2)
well-to-do brethren must give from $100 up to $5,000; (3) churches
must get small cash contributions from their members. There must be
no delay, what was done must be done as soon as possible. Urging
prompt payment he said further: "This movement is for a cash
endowment-not notes or vague promises, or theoretical plans, or red-
tape, but a straight-forward, honest sacrifice, and a transfer of money
or other property by the shortest, simplest method to the care of the
Trustees of the College. You, brother reader-it is to you that I am
Already he was counting the days: 110 days in the middle
of September; 102 days on September 20; 80 days on October 12, and
later 60 days, then 24 days, and then the days too few to count with
January 1, 1884, surely coming on apace. Now was the time for
action, prompt action. In these later weeks and days Professor
Taylor's eager, anxious, sensitive, nervous nature is revealed in every
word; failure would have been his permanent undoing; he must win.
He heard encouraging words now and then, all showing good will
but some visionary and some practical. In Cleveland County G. P.
Bostick appealed to pastors to urge their members to contribute
twenty-five cents a member in the next two months-from August 1.
Others were telling in the Biblical Recorder why the College should
be endowed, and there were news notes in almost every issue of that
paper which kept the campaign in the thoughts of readers; early in
May, John E. Ray had called on the alumni to make an "Alumni
Fund," and "in order to set the ball to rolling," he had turned over to
Professor Taylor $100. He had ardent helpers in several of the
associations, such as C. Durham, R. H. Marsh, and J. A. Speight.
Some were giving sacrificially, a widow had given one dollar, out of
her deep poverty, which caused Professor Taylor to say, "It seems to
me that God has put His hand to the helm of this
work." 18
A preacher
whose sole
17 Biblical Recorder, September 19, 1883.
Biblical Recorder, May 23, 1883.
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