The Endowment, Charles E. Taylor 243
support for self and family was his salary of $600 had already given
$259, and now added another S100, and many other sacrificial gifts
came in, indicating that the endowment was on the hearts of the
Towards the end not a few in the State, and among them
some wealthy men, had caught the inspiration and zeal of Professor
Taylor and were rallying to his support determined that the movement
should not fail.
Whatever the weather, Professor Taylor continued to press on. By
October 12, the amount still to raise had been reduced to $9,273.38.
At the meeting of the Convention in Edenton, on November 15, he
said in an address to that body, that while the work was not done, the
end was in sight, and if $3,000 could be raised there, he felt sure of
the rest. The amount was promptly raised. After Dr. R. T. Vann had
made an appeal, "eloquently, tenderly, grandly," and Dr. C. Durham
had added a word, Dr. T. E. Skinner came forward with a subscription
of $1,000 for himself and the First Baptist Church of Raleigh, and
others with substantial amounts, making the total $3,005.20
But the task was not yet done; in fact, the most difficult work of all
the year was just ahead, and this Professor Taylor knew well. The
danger now, as he said, was that many would think others would
surely accomplish the work and do nothing themselves; all must work
until the whole amount was in. 21 Writing from Charlotte on
November 30, he said that the whole amount was still short $4,400;
there were $77,000 in the treasury and he had more than $18,000 in
good subscriptions which could be collected as soon as all was
subscribed. Such a situation would have dismayed a less resolute man
than Professor Taylor, but it only added to his earnestness. He was
still no beggar, still himself, but a most earnest self. Such is the tone
of this from the Biblical Recorder of December 5:
19 Biblical Recorder, August 29, October 31, 1883.
Of this subscription Dr. Skinner paid $700 out of his own pocket. The names of
all the contributors are given in the Biblical Recorder, November 21, 1883. Others
who made large subscriptions at this time were J. S. Purefoy and C. W. Mitchell,
$250 each; A. W. Early, Winton Church, and Biblical Recorder, $100 each.
Biblical Recorder, November 28, 1883.
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