244 History of Wake Forest College
You know your own business better than any one else. I would not dictate duty to
any one. I have only to lay the matter squarely before the Baptists of the State. I do
not urge you to give; I only ask you to make this question of helping to complete the
endowment of Wake Forest College a matter of thought and prayer, and do what
you honestly believe to be your duty. And may God help each of you to do what is
right in this crisis and do it speedily.
On December 7, the amount was short $3,154.63; it had been all
subscribed, on December 14, 1883, only seventeen days before the
close of the year.22 On December 7, the amount in the treasury was
$78,320.37; two weeks later, $86,000 with only eleven days to collect
from the pledges made or to be made the remaining
As soon as the full amount had been pledged, Professor Taylor was
free to draw on those who had made pledges contingent on this for
payment, and he lost no time in doing this. He had twenty days only
to raise in cash the fourteen thousand or more necessary to complete
the $100,000, but the drafts were generally promptly honored and
soon the money was "pouring in," some days as much as $1,200. In
the meantime Rev. J. S. Purefoy, at the request of the Board of
Trustees, had gone again to Boston, where he probably secured the
greater part or all of the $309.85 he reported as collections, and in
addition $215 from J. W. Merrill, $50 from Samuel Colgate, and $100
from J. D.
On the day before Christmas, however, the
cash in the Treasurer's lockers was still $13,000 short of the $100,000,
"and for the last time," the faithful agent, "submitted the matter to the
Baptist brotherhood of North Carolina."
On the announcement that the full amount of subscriptions had
been obtained, many from all over the State sent their congratulations
to Professor Taylor. But facing the difficult task of making the
collections he said, "This is too soon for that. Let us work for success
now and make it sure. Then, two weeks from now, if we succeed, do
not congratulate me, but give the
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