The Endowment, Charles E. Taylor 245
glory to God." 25 Some also thought that the work was finished with
the pledges for the full amount all in. The editor of the News and
Observer was of this number and his editorial of congratulation might
have done much damage but for the prompt correction of Professor
Taylor in a letter to the editor, in which after quoting the proverb,
"There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip," he said that he was
trembling between hope and fear ... but unappalled by the magnitude
of his task. Professor Taylor disdained to ask for more time.
The days went by and the last day of the year came. The total of
pledges had reached $47,551.62, a thousand dollars more than the
required amount to raise the endowment from $53,400 to $100,000,
but at the dawn of day on December 31, 1883, counting all collections
from old notes and pledges made since November 15, 1882, the
endowment fund was still short a full ten thousand dollars. This
amount must be raised before midnight or those who had given and
paid in had the right to claim the return of what they had paid. It was a
busy day at the College for Professor Taylor working with might and
main to get in the full amount. In the short time his only available way
of getting in touch with subscribers was the telegraph, since the
telephone was not yet in general use, and he sent scores of telegrams.
The contributions came in almost an avalanche, 198 that day; one of
these was for twenty-five cents, another for seventy cents, many more
for one dollar, others for five, ten, fifty, one hundred, two hundred
fifty dollars, two for five hundred dollars each and two for one
thousand dollars each. When at the close of the day Professor Taylor
met with friends in his recitation room and counted up the day's
receipts they found that they amounted to $9,430.77, making the total
since the beginning of the canvass
25 Biblical Recorder, December 19, 1883.
Writing in the Biblical Recorder of December 12, 1883, he said: "We do not
need more time. If the Baptists of North Carolina really wish their college to have
$100,000 they can give it as readily within three weeks as within six months. The
matter has been before us for a year. This effort ends when the old year goes out.
Let us look the issue squarely in the face. I do not ask for extension of time a single
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