246 History of Wake Forest College
$45,761.04, and still short of the $100,000 by $838.98.27
Just how the situation was met is told in the following con-
temporary account:
December 31, 1883, was a notable day in the history of Wake Forest College and
of the Baptists of North Carolina. Professor Taylor spent a large part of the day in
sending telegrams to the generous Baptists of the State and in receiving from them
responses which showed how near the College was to their hearts. In his recitation
room at night were gathered an intensely interested company consisting of several
members of the faculty, with Mr. W. H. Pace of Raleigh, and Rev. Messrs. J. S.
Purefoy and R. T. Vann. They were counting up receipts and cash and drafts,
writing certificates of the success of the special movement for the endowment, and
winding up all with mortgages by Rev. M. Purefoy, Mr. Pace, and Professors Taylor
and Simmons to secure everything not absolute cash. They separated at eleven
o'clock. So that before the old year passed Wake Forest College had in the hands of
her treasurer one hundred thousand
The completion of the endowment to S100,000 was regarded as "an
epoch in the history of the College and the denomination,"
and the
friends of the College did not withhold words of appreciation. Said
the Biblical Recorder:30 "Our people will never cease to honor those
who have been the means of doing this work. To Professor Taylor
belongs the greatest praise. We know that he gives the glory to God.
So do we, and we thank Him that He raised up such a man as Charles
E. Taylor, one who had the heart, brain, nerve, and physical ability to
accomplish the work." The Wake Forest Student of February, 1884,
has this word: "Beyond doubt the completion of the Endowment Fund
will be
27 This is only approximately correct and is from $100 to $200 greater than by
some other reckonings, the discrepancy being in the slightly varying values put on
some real estate. The names of all who contributed to the endowment fund, with the
amount paid by each set against his name, are given in the reports of the College
Treasurer for 1882-83, 1883-1884, 1884-85.
Wake Forest Student, February, 1884, editorial article. The mortgages given on
this last hour to complete the endowment were doubtless conditional and were
canceled as other funds to make up the full amount came in.
29 Report of W. B. Royall, Chairman of Faculty, to Board of Trustees, June 16,
30 January 9, 1884.
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