At the Commencement of 1884 the Trustees elected Dr. C. C.
Bitting president at a salary of $2,000 per annum. He did not accept,
and a committee consisting of C. T. Bailey, J. M. Heck, and C.
Durham, was authorized to secure a president as soon as possible.
They had not acted at the time of the next meeting of the Executive
Committee, probably some time in July, although at this meeting the
Executive Committee accepted the resignation of W. B. Royall as
chairman of the faculty. Soon after, the special committee named Dr.
M. T. Yates, missionary to China, to the place. He, too, declined it.1
Thereafter the committee appointed Professor Charles E. Taylor to be
Chairman of the College, "he had been Chairman of the Faculty since
June." His salary was fixed at
However, at a meeting on
October 2, 1884, the special committee agreed on a report
recommending Charles E. Taylor for the presidency, which report was
adopted by unanimous vote of the Trustees called in special session in
Raleigh on November 11, 1884. The salary was not mentioned;
probably it was forgotten; it was made $2,000 on June 7,
elevation of Professor Taylor to the presidency gave general
satisfaction. Speaking for the students of the College, A. T. Robertson
said: "The College is to be felicitated on this judicious
1 Taylor, Yates the Missionary, p. 256, letter of September 15, 1884, in which he
made the famous statement: "I could not come down from the position of
Ambassador of Christ to an Empire, to become President of the College or to accept
any other position in the gift of the people of the United States."
2 Professor W. B. Royall's salary as chairman had been $1,500. Until June, 1884,
the salary of a full professor had been $1,200 a year. At this meeting this was raised
to $1,500 a year for Professors William Royal], Taylor, Mills and Simmons.
Proceedings, p. 288
3 Proceedings, p. 334.
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