258 History of Wake Forest College
to the Baptist Female University.15 The canvass aroused much interest
and some enthusiasm, but only slightly less than onequarter of the one
hundred thousand dollars was raised. This was promptly paid in and
was promptly more than matched by a check from Mr. Bostwick for
fourteen thousand dollars, thus increasing the endowment
$33,746.06.16 President Taylor, however, tried not to be discouraged.
The amount was sufficient, he thought, to enable the Board of
Trustees to make ends meet. He was not resentful that the Baptists of
the State had not done more. In general they had done nobly by their
College. Probably never in the same length of time, he said, had so
many people of the State given to one object. He viewed the work and
the outcome with gratitude, since the College was not only better
endowed but was closer to the churches than ever before; though
Wake Forest was now leaving the field for the Female University, and
no other general canvass would be made for endowment for some
years, he was hopeful that new movements would when needed be
inaugurated for enlarging and increasing the usefulness of the
In May, 1892, the Treasurer's report showed that the total
endowment was $189,302.50, which was more than three times the
amount in November, 1882, when Professor Taylor was entrusted
with the work of increasing it.
Mr. Bostwick, however, was willing that the College should have
more time to make up their total, and through President Taylor he
proposed to the Executive Committee of the Board on June 18, 1891,
that he would add fifty per cent to whatever amount up to $24,000
might be secured before July 1, 1892. But the claims of promoters of
the Female University to the field caused even President Taylor to
doubt the expediency and propriety of making a further canvass. The
generous offer was virtually rejected with the board's authorization of
the President to raise what
Biblical Recorder, October 8, December 17, 1890, and in many other numbers
from September, 1890, to April, 1891,
Treasurer's report for May, 1881 and May, 1892.
17 Biblical Recorder, March 18, 1891.
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