Administration of Charles Elisha Taylor, 1884-1905 259
he could by epistolary correspondence-18 Nothing, however, was
done. At the meeting of the Board of Trustees in Goldsboro on
November 12, 1891, it was definitely found that the field must be
abandoned to the Female University. After this Mr. Bostwick made
no more direct gifts to the College, but, as will be told later in more
detail, through a contingent bequest in his will the College was
greatly helped in an hour of need.
The only other canvass for funds made by President Taylor was in
consequence of a spontaneous offer of the American Baptist
Education Society, which he reported to the Board at their meeting in
May, 1893. It was a conditional offer to contribute five thousand
dollars to help endow a chair provided twenty thousand dollars be
raised from all other sources for that purpose, the whole to be raised
before March 1, 1894, when the offer was to expire. The faculty had
endorsed the plan and suggested that if the amount should be raised it
should be for the endowment of the "Royall Chair of English." 19
After many tentative arrangements the Board on December 7, 1894,
asked President Taylor to take the field and raise the $20,000 needed
to meet the offer of the Education Society. In the meantime it had
been necessary to ask the Society for an extension of time, which was
granted. At the next Commencement the President was able to report
that with the help of Rev. C. W. Blanchard, who had been put in the
field as agent, he had secured notes and subscriptions to the amount of
$18,000. The total collections for the chair, extending from
December, 1893, to May, 1903, were $21,500.68 to which the
American Baptist Education Society added $3,677.63, making a total
of $25,178.31; the net after expenses of the canvass were deducted
was or should have been as much as $20,000. This was put in the
general endowment, but no provision was made for the establishment
of the "Royall Chair of English" for which it was contributed.
18 Minutes of the Board of Trustees, p. 357f., July 18, 1891.
W. R. Cullom proposed in the Biblical Recorder of January 25, 1894, that the
endowment of "The William Royall Chair of the Bible and Moral Philosophy."
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