266 History of Wake Forest College
over the former coat of white.6 Again in 1900-01 it was repaired with
new capitals and sash for windows.
It was in enlarging the faculty and in adding new subjects of
instruction and improving the curriculum, and in getting means for
these things, that President Taylor did his most important work as
college president. As he entered on his administration in 1884 the
faculty consisted of six professors and two tutors. The professors with
schools (departments) as indicated were: W. G. Simmons, Physical
Science and Chemistry; L. R. Mills, Mathematics; C. E. Taylor, Latin;
W. Royall, Modern Languages (English, French, German); W. L.
Poteat, Natural History; the tutors were: E. G. Beckwith,
Mathematics; W. F. Marshall,
6 President Taylor's reports to Board, June 8, 1886, 1890.
It was not till the catalogue of 1922-23 that the name "School" was displaced by
that of "Department." It is interesting to note that after the reopening of the
University of North Carolina in 1875, there was the same use of the word "'School"
for "Department" until the catalogue of 1885-86, and there a department of marked
characteristics was designated as a "College," for instance, "College of
Mathematics," and in some instances embraced several "schools," for instance, the
"College of Literature" consisted of the "Schools" of Greek, Latin, English, French,
German. See University of N. C. Catalogue, 1879-80.
Grouped by departments the officers of instruction in the College during
President Taylor's Administration, 1884-1904, were as follows:
Latin. Professors: C. E. Taylor, to June, 1886; G. W. Manly, Ph.D., 18861890;
G. W. Green, M.A., 1890-91; J. B. Carlyle, M.A., 1890-1911. Assistant and
Associate Professors: E. M. Poteat, A.B., 1886, January to June; J. B. Carlyle,
M.A., 1888-90; J. C. Maske, B.A., 1891-September 14, 1894; Robert W. Haywood,
M.A., 1894-96; G. W. Paschal, B.A., 1892, Ph.D., 1900, 1896-99 and 1900-11; W.
B. Daniel, M.A., 1899-1900; David A. Covington, B.A., 1903-04; C. T. Goode,
Greek. Professor W. B. Royall, M.A., until January, 1928; Assistant and
Associate Professors: same as in Latin.
English. Professors: William Royall, M.A., until death, January 3, 1893; B. F.
Sledd, M.A., 1894-1938. Student assistants: John Charles McNeill, 1895-1898;
Harry Trantham, 1899-1900; Currin G. Keeble, 1900-1901; Earl B. Fowler, 1901-
1903; C. T. Goode, 1903-04.
Modern Languages (French and German). Professors: W. Royall, M.A., 1884-
1888; B. F. Sledd, M.A., 1888-1894; J. H. Gorrell, M.A., Ph.D., 1894-1938. Moral
Philosophy. Professor C. E. Taylor, B.Litt., 1885-1915.
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