The Growing College 267
This was the teaching force in 1884-85, which was giving in-
struction in eight schools, or departments of instruction. Chiefly
through the efforts of President Taylor their number was increased to
eighteen and the number of academic departments to twelve during
the twenty-one years of his administration. In this time President
Taylor added departments of Law and Medicine, each with its own
faculty, and also a department of
Mathematics. Professor L. R. Mills, M.A., 1884-1907. Assistant Professors: E.
G. Beckwith, M.A., 1888-1892; W. H. Michael, M.A., 1886-87; W. J. Ferrell, B.A.,
1892-98; Assistant: John Charles McNeill, B.A., 1898-99.
Physics and Applied Mathematics. Professors: W. G. Simmons, A.M., 1886-88;
W. H. Michael, M.A., 1888-1890; J. F. Lanneau, 1890-1899, and 1899-1904,
Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy.
Physics. Professor J. L. Lake, M.A., 1899-1935. Student Assistant in Laboratory:
A. H. Olive, 1904-05.
Physical Science and Chemistry. Professor W. G. Simmons, M.A., to June, 1886.
Chemistry. J. R. Duggan, M.A., M.D., Ph.D., 1886-January, 1888; C. L. Reese,
Ph.D., January to June, 1888; A. L. Purinton, M.A., 1888-89; C. E. Brewer, 1889-
1915; Laboratory Assistants: John A. Williams, B.S., 1892-93; Claude W. Wilson,
1892-93; John A. Rogers, 1893-95; Raleigh T. Daniel, 1894-95; J. Conrad Watkins,
1895-97; John M. Brewer, Jr., 1897-98; Joseph L. Tatum, 1898-99; Archer R.
Dunning, 1899-1900; Forrest G. Hamrick, 1900-02; Joseph A. Williams, 1900-01;
Talcott W. Brewer, 1902-04; Samuel H. Yokeley, 1902-05; Burton J. Ray, 1904-05.
Natural History to 1891-92; Biology and Geology to 1893-94; Biology. Professor
W. L. Poteat, M.A., to March, 1938. Student Laboratory Assistants: John H. Kerr,
Jr., 1894-95; Robert N. Simms, 1895-97; Albert J. Terrell, 189798; James O.
Wilson, 1898-99; Clarence J. Peeler, 1899-1901; Thomas E. Browne, 1901-02;
Summer A. Ives, 1902-03; Samuel C. Howard, 1903-04; Judson D. Ives, 1904-05.
Bible. Professor W. R. Cullom, M.A., Th.M., 1896-1938.
Law. Professor N. Y. Gulley, M.A., B.L., 1894-1938; Assistant Professor S. F.
Mordecai, 1900-04.
Medicine. Professors: F. K. Cooke, M.D., Anatomy, etc., 1902-05; Watson S.
Rankin, M.D., Bacteriology and Pathology, 1903-09.
Education (Pedagogy). Professors: C. C. Crittenden, M.A., 1900-April 23, 1903;
Darius Eatman, M.A., 1903-07.
History and Political Science. Professor E. W. Sikes, M.A., Ph.D., 1897-1916.
Professors in other departments who taught at times classes in this department: C. E.
Taylor, B.Litt., 1885-94; N. Y. Gulley, M.A., B.L., 1894-97; B. F. Sledd, M.A.,
1894-95; J. H. Gorrell, M.A., Ph.D., 1896-97; E. W. Sikes, M.A., 1893-94.
Physical Culture. Directors: T. S. Sprinkle, B.S., 1889-91; E. W. Sikes, M.A.,
Ph.D., 1891-94, and 1897-1904; Walters Durham, B.A., 1894-95; T. H. Briggs,
1895-96; J. R. Crozier, 1904-17. Assistants: W. W. Woodhouse, 1898-99; W. A.
Weaver, 1899-1900; W. H. Price, 1904-05; C. C. Crittenden, M.A., 1901-03.
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