274 History of Wake Forest College
rooms on the first floor on the South end of Wingate Memorial Hall
were used: equipment and apparatus were meagerly provided, and
instruction in Physics according to modern standards was initiated.
Three years of work were offered.
Thus at the close of President Taylor's administration adequate
provision had been made for standard instruction in the three
fundamental sciences, though until this day no separate building has
been provided for Physics.
At the meeting of the Board in June, 1886, President Taylor
earnestly advised that a separate School of English Language and
Literature be created and that a chair be provided each for English and
Modern Languages; he made the same plea at the meeting in June,
1887. But it was not till the summer of 1888 that the Trustees took
action on this suggestion. At a meeting in Raleigh, August 7, 1888,
the Board elected B. F. Sledd to the chair of Modern Languages
(foreign), and kept Dr. William Royall in charge of the School of
English, which now became a separate department. This left Dr.
Royall free to devote himself to his classes in English. He continued
the scheme of work which he had already adopted and of which some
account has already been given in the previous chapter. Entrusting the
courses of the first year, Junior English, to an assistant, he taught the
classes of Senior English with much enthusiasm and efficiency until
his death in January, 1893. After his death, in the poverty of the
College, the classes in English were taught by Professors Lanneau and
Sledd during the spring term, the former having the class in the
history of English Literature and the latter the classes in Anglo-Saxon
and Rhetoric. With such acceptance to his students did Professor
Sledd do this work that at the next commencement a petition signed
by nearly every student in college was presented to the Board asking
that he be elected Professor of English, but such was the financial
embarrassment of the College at the time that the petitioning students
had to be content with an explanation by a committee of the Board of
their inability to grant their request. However, the faculty to whom
provision for the classes in English was referred, put the
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