The Growing College 277
Modern Languages. Like Professor Sledd, Dr. Gorrell was a Master of
Arts graduate of Washington and Lee University. After getting his
degree there in 1890, he had been an assistant professor for the year
1890-91. He had pursued studies in English and Modern Languages at
the Johns Hopkins University for the years 1891-94, and had received
the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from that institution in 1894. He
was a native of Lexington, Virginia, and came most highly
recommended. His salary the first year was
On assuming
control of the department Dr. Gorrell added to the courses offered one
in Scientific German and also advanced courses in both languages,
which were dropped after a year or two when Spanish was added to
the curriculum. Beginning with the year 1899-1900 all courses in
Modern Languages were made three-hour classes. So far as he was
able Dr. Gorrell gave instruction in oral French and German and
Spanish. He spent the summer of 1896 in France and Germany and
returned with increased enthusiasm for his work. During the
administration of President Taylor and for many years after he had no
assistant, but he did the entire work of his department himself and did
it well, but under necessity offered few advanced courses.
Something has been said of the inauguration and development of
the work in Physical Culture, and more will be found in the Chapter
on "Buildings and Grounds." It was President Taylor who secured a
regularly appointed director of the work. This was Mr. T. S. Sprinkle,
a graduate of the class of 1889, who after special training at Harvard
University in the summer of that year took charge of the newly
equipped gymnasium for which room was made in the former chapel
in the old College Building.
16 "I want to express my extreme gratification at the appointment of this worthy
young man to the Chair of Modern Languages in Wake Forest College. . . But of his
personal and moral qualifications for the place I can speak advisedly. His father is
one of the most conscientious Christian men I know, and his son has been faithfully
trained to follow in his footsteps. I baptized him about twelve years ago when I was
pastor in Lexington, Va., and I have all confidence in the strength and sobriety of
his Christian character." Rev. J. L. Carroll in Biblical Recorder, October 3, 1894.
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