280 History of Wake Forest College
Sledd; in 1895-96 and in 1896-97 by Professors Gorrell and Gulley.
Such is the reading of the catalogues, though in point of fact often
others than those named for any year were called to take one or more
of the classes. In the catalogue of 1897-98 the name of E. W. Sikes
first appears as Professor of History and Political Science. He was
elected December 10, 1897, after President Taylor and a dozen
members of the Board had agreed to contribute twenty dollars each
towards his salary, with the expectation of receiving a like amount
from each of the absent members of the
The election was
only till the May meeting of the Board, but at that meeting after
having heard the strong endorsement of him by President Taylor19 the
Trustees elected E. W. Sikes professor of History and Director of
Physical Culture at a salary of nine hundred dollars a year with the
understanding that he would devote as much time as possible to
representing the College at Associations and other meetings. Sikes
had received the degree of Master of Arts from the College in 1891;
had served the College as Director of Physical Culture for three years,
had entered Johns Hopkins University in 1894 as a student of History,
and had won the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 1897. He was a
good speaker and debater and was very popular with students and
members of the faculty. His courses as stated in the catalogue of
1898-99 included two years of History, with "teaching done by
lectures, written reports, parallel reading, and text-books," the first
year of three hours a week being devoted to work in history of the
ancient world, Greece and Rome, Middle Ages, English History, and
American History. This was required for all degrees. The second
Those who by contributing twenty dollars each made possible the election of
Sikes were: C. E. Taylor, John Mitchell, R. T. Vann, T. E. Skinner, J. B. Boone, L.
Johnson, D. L. Gore, A. R. Foushee, T. H. Briggs, Carey J. Hunter, J. E. White, W.
N. Jones, J. D. Hufham.
"I am convinced that the Trustees made no mistake when, at their meeting in
Oxford, they elected Dr. Sikes as Professor of History and Director of Physical
Culture. As a result of this action the next catalogue will show an expansion on the
course of History which though long desired, had not been possible owing to the
hitherto inadequate force of the faculty."
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