The Growing College 281
year of three hours a week was devoted to the study of Mediaeval
Europe, Modern Europe and Biography. In addition a course of one
hour a week was offered in North Carolina History. A year, three
hours a week, was devoted to the study of the Constitutional
Government of England, the United States and North Carolina. Two
years, the first of three hours a week and the second of two hours a
week, were given to the study of Political Economy. The catalogue of
1902-03 shows an additional course of two hours a week in advanced
history, making the total number of lecture periods of Professor Sikes
seventeen, and his teaching load almost unbelievable, since nearly all
his classes were crowded with students, many of them having
registrations ranging from fifty to seventy-five. Yet for all this work
he had no assistant of professorial rank until 1914, and no assistant at
all during President Taylor's administration. This will furnish the ex-
planation of why there was little time left the professor to undertake
or direct historical investigations, though he and some of his abler
students entered upon such work most enthusiastically in the early
years and made some valuable contributions to the history of North
Carolina and the Baptists of the State.
A department of Education was first brought to the attention of the
Board on a motion of Dr. J. D. Hufham at a meeting in Asheville,
December 7, 1899. At the meeting of the Board in June, 1900,
President Taylor, saying, "Whether the real value of pedagogical
instruction be great or small, there is a popular demand for it which
ought not to be ignored," asked the Trustees to make provisions for
the establishment at that meeting. The Trustees responded by electing
as head of the department Professor C. C. Crittenden for one year at a
salary of eight hundred dollars with the understanding that such time
as he could spare from his department should be given to assistant
work in other departments. He was a Master of Arts of Richmond
College. Beginning with the scholastic year 1900-01, he served till his
untimely death, April 23, 1903. He conducted two courses in
Pedagogy each three hours a week for the year, the first year
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