The Growing College 283
were following him for the catch. Not Socrates, not Plato, had more
acceptance and power with young men eager to learn. Though
handicapped somewhat by defective hearing he had a wonderful
power of apprehending every student's difficulty as it arose and giving
it sympathetic and respectful consideration. It was not unusual for
students coming from his classes to carry their discussions to the
dining tables. In the early years only Seniors were regularly admitted
to his classes for each of which he had five hours a week.
Mathematics continued under the direction of Professor L. R. Mills,
who was assisted only by tutors until 1886, when W. H. Michael was
appointed Assistant Professor of Languages and Mathematics.
Michael was succeeded by E. G. Beckwith, who had previously been
tutor of Mathematics-he served from September, 1888 until his death
on June 25, 1892. He was succeeded by William J. Ferrell, a graduate
of the College with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1882, who since
that time had been teaching in academies at Wilton and Wakefield.
Ferrell served until 1898. For the next year, 1898-99, John Charles
McNeill was student assistant in Mathematics. After this year some of
the classes in Mathematics were taught by Professor John F. Lanneau
and Professor J. L. Lake. In Mathematics three years of work were
offered. Instruction in the first year was given in Algebra beginning
with Quadratic Equations, and in Plane and Spherical Geometry; in
the second year in Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry; in the
third year in the Calculus. The first two classes met five times a week;
the third year class met three times a week.
The School of Greek continued under the direction of Professor W.
B. Royall through all this period. His excellent instruction had already
made a name for his department which it continued to hold. In
January, 1886, E. M. Poteat, a graduate of the College with the degree
of Bachelor of Arts and a full graduate of the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary, being appointed Assistant Professor of Latin
and Greek, helped with classes in
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