284 History of Wake Forest College
those languages in the spring term of that year. Others of the same
rank who did like work in the Greek department were J. B. Carlyle, a
Master of Arts graduate of the College in 1887, who served in the
years 1888-91; J. C. Maske, a graduate of the College with the degree
of Bachelor of Arts in 1890, and for the year 1890-91 a graduate
student in Johns Hopkins University, entered his work in September,
1891, and continued it until his death, September, 1891. He was
succeeded by Robert W. Haywood, a graduate of the College in 1893
with the Bachelor of Arts degree, and the Master of Arts degree in
1894; he was Instructor for the year 1894-95 and Assistant Professor
for the year 1895-96. In 1896 Haywood was succeeded by G. W.
Paschal, a member of the class of 1892, and for the years 1893-96 a
graduate student of Latin and Greek in the University of Chicago, and
from which in June, 1900, he obtained the degree of Doctor of
Philosophy during a year's leave of absence, 1899-1900. His place for
that year had been filled by W. B. Daniel, also a member of the class
of 1892, who had been doing graduate work in Latin and Greek in the
Johns Hopkins University. Returning to the College in September
1900 Paschal assumed his former position and continued in it until the
end of Taylor's administration, and longer. Under Professor Royall
the School of Greek gained a reputation for excellence which it still
retains. Among those who received their instruction here were A. T.
Robertson, whose Grammar of New Testament Greek is the present
standard, and numerous others who have gone to the Universities for
advanced studies in Greek and Latin-J. C. Maske, G. W. Paschal, W.
B. Daniel, Frank E. Parham, D. A. Covington and Harry Trantham,
the latter being a Rhodes scholar. In addition there has been a constant
stream of men trained in Greek at Wake Forest going to the
theological seminaries, where many of them have won distinction for
their superior equipment for the study of New Testament Greek.
In the School of Latin President Taylor was the nominal head until
the year 1886-87, when G. W. Manly was elected to the
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