Though athletics had its start in the previous period it was under the
administration of President Taylor that it became more than local and
assumed an intercollegiate aspect. And it was football with which
these intercollegiate contests began. The first game was played in
Raleigh, October 18, 1888, on the grounds of the State Fair, which
was then in progress. As this was the first intercollegiate game in
which the College had a part and the first intercollegiate football
game in the State, the account as printed in the Wake Forest Student
of November, 1888, is given in full:
The event of the session, so far, was the game of football between Chapel Hill
and Wake Forest, Thursday of Fair Week, at the Raleigh Fair grounds. Our team
had had their ball only three days and were sadly out of practice. Nevertheless,
when they appeared on the grounds in their neat new uniforms, they created a most
favorable impression and loud and continued cheering rent the air. The first game
[quarter] resulted in favor of the Chapel Hill team, owing to the fact that our boys
played under two new rules and had the disadvantage in position of their goal. The
next game our boys went at it with a vim, caught on to their opponents' dodges and
won the game in short time. The third game [quarter] was simply a repetition of the
second. Our boys were favorably impressed with the gentlemanly conduct of their
opponents and expressed their complete satisfaction with the decisions of Mr.
William Wynne, of Raleigh, who kindly umpired the game.
After this, enthusiasm for football knew no bounds among the
students of the College. The faculty had a regulation against playing
ball of any kind on the Campus, but it was ineffective during the
remainder of the school year 1888-89. Beginning with the faculty
meeting on the next day after the game, students were regularly
reported for "playing ball on the campus," often
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