310 History of Wake Forest College many of them, and were given five, ten, and twenty-five demerits each in the vain effort to stop it, until finally the faculty seem to have given up their fierce determination to have their rule obeyed. Football reigned at Wake Forest. The athletic association of the College was reorganized and boasted a large membership. W. C. Dowd was captain of the football team, and after all these years is regarded as the one great football captain the College has had. C. T. Bailey, Jr., of Raleigh was the manager. In November, 1888, the Wake Forest team played the Raleigh team. The first game was in Raleigh, and, probably owing to a late train, there was time for only one game (quarter), and Raleigh won. Then on Saturday, November 24, the Raleigh team came to Wake Forest and four games (quarters) were played, all of which Wake Forest won, making four points. The team kept practicing regularly now and was in good trim. It received a challenge from the team of Johns Hopkins University, but did not play owing to inability to make satisfactory arrangements for expenses. The Wake Forest students were betting on their team.1 Football was the one object of great interest on the campuses of at least three North Carolina colleges during the remainder of this scholastic year. On November 29 delegates from the University of North Carolina, Trinity and Wake Forest met at the Yarborough House in Raleigh and formed an Intercollegiate Football Association, with a constitution like that of the American Intercollegiate Association and with its rules for football. Davidson had been invited but sent no representative. When after eighteen ballots there was no election, the following officers were chosen by lot: Jones of Trinity, president; Dowd of Wake Forest, ――――――― 1 The members of the Wake Forest team at this time were: Centre Rush, Devin. Rushers: Richardson, McDaniel, D. B. Oliver, B. T. Williamson, Upchurch, J. N. Beckwith. Quarter Back: W. C. Dowd. Half Backs: F. L. Merritt and Frank Mitchell. Full Back: H. A. Royster. Other players added or taken as substitutes during the year were: J. E. White, Walter Sikes, W. 0. Riddick, R. L. Burns. Of these Burns at Center, Sikes at Guard, Dowd at Half Back, and Riddick at Half Back became famous in North Carolina football annals. Wake Forest Student, VIII, 84, 264, 308.