312 History of Wake Forest College
at their meeting in June, 1889. "There is so much diversity of opinion
as to the utility and safety of such games," said he, "that I should be
glad to have an expression on the part of the Board as to whether the
students should be allowed to participate." The trustees countered by
referring the matter back to the faculty, but as a possible means of
turning student interest in another direction established a department
of Physical Culture, employed a Director and fitted up the
Gymnasium with new and approved apparatus.
On the opening of the fall term, however, it was soon seen that
while the new department of Physical Culture was appreciated the
main interest of the students was football. Half the college gathered
every afternoon to watch the practice while fifty others in their own
equipment of old trousers were eager to work for places on the team,
undeterred by bruises and broken limbs and the spread of erysipelas
among the players. It is safe to say that never was there a healthier
college spirit among the students of the College than during this early
period of football. The air on the Campus was electric with it and its
quickening influence reached every student.
The schedule for the fall of 1889 included games with the
University and Trinity College, and two in Richmond, one with the
University of Virginia and the other with Richmond College. The
team did well, winning two of the four.3
The scores for the years 1888 to 1895 are as follows:
1888, October 17, Raleigh, Wake Forest 3; University of N. C., 2.
1889, March 1, Raleigh, Wake Forest, 0; University of N. C., 33.
March 29, Raleigh, Wake Forest, 35; Trinity, 0.
November 22, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, 18; University, 8.
November 29, Raleigh, Wake Forest, 4; Trinity, 8.
December 9, Richmond, Wake Forest, 4; University of Va., 32.
December 10, Richmond, Wake Forest, 32; Richmond College, 14.
1891, November 10, Raleigh, Wake Forest, 4; University of N. C., 6
unfinished; given to Wake Forest by default.
1892, May 20, Charlotte, Wake Forest, 40; Asheville Athletes, 0.
October 21, Lexington, Va., Wake Forest, 12; V.M.I., 12.
October 22, Lexington, Va., Wake Forest, 16; W &L, 0.
October 24, Richmond, Wake Forest, 22; Richmond, 0.
November 24, Nashville, Tenn., Wake Forest, 10; University of Tenn., 6.
1893, October 17, Raleigh, Wake Forest, 6; Trinity, 12.
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