Intercollegiate Athletics 315
to play on the team in that day when no statute of limitation ran
against a player. Accordingly, the interest in football was ir-
repressible, and on October 30, 1891, the faculty felt constrained to
suspend the rules and allow a football game in Raleigh. A game was
arranged with the University of North Carolina team for November
10. This was a hotly contested game, but when the second half was
not many minutes old the University refused to take a penalty and
forfeited the game to Wake Forest, though the score at that time was 6
to 4 in favor of the
The next spring, owing to the
enterprise of W. C. Dowd, a former captain, the Wake Forest team
played the Asheville Athletes in Charlotte on March 20, easily
winning by a score of 40 to 0. In the fall of 1892 there were no games
with North Carolina teams, but four outside the State---on successive
days---Washington and Lee, Virginia Military Institute, Richmond,
and University of Tennessee, all of which were won by Wake Forest
except that with V.M.I., which was tied at 12-12. In the fall of 1893
the team did not leave the State but defeated the University of Ten-
nessee on the home grounds, 64-0; and lost to Trinity College at the
State Fair by a score of 12-6, and on November 18 lost to the
University by a decisive score-not given in Wake Forest reports.
These games, rather than any action of Trustees or faculty, were fatal
to football at Wake Forest. There were no games in 1894, and in 1895
only one, a game with State College, played on the Fair Grounds,
October 19, resulting in a tie, 4-4. In authorizing this game on
October 18, the faculty were careful to give permission to play in it
only to students who were of age and minors who had the permission
of parents or guardians. At the same time the faculty voted that no
further match games of football would be allowed on the grounds of
Wake Forest College. It was in the fall of 1908 before football was
again an authorized sport at the College.
There were several reasons for the discontinuance of football at
Wake Forest and at some other colleges about this time. The principal
one was that football had got a bad name and was
8 See full account in Wake Forest Student, XI, 88f.
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