Intercollegiate Athletics 321
the understanding that he was to train the athletic teams of the College
as well as give instruction in gymnasium classes. The advantages of
continuous faculty management were soon evident. After three years
Paschal turned the management over to others, and did not assume it
again until 1914, but faculty management in one form or another has
been in use since that time. Until 1921 the faculty manager assumed
full financial responsibility, and with a few contributions from alumni
and friends without expense to the Board of Trustees, was able to
break even.
Until the construction and opening of Gore Athletic Field in 1922,
the Old Athletic Field at the north end of town served for baseball,
tennis and football. The first baseball field had its home plate at the
corner of Juniper and Main streets, but in the spring of 1894 a new
diamond was constructed in the opposite part of the field and a rude
grand stand seating 250 was built back of it next the railroad. This
diamond was greatly improved by Mr. Crozier after his coming in
1904. It had the advantage of being well drained and ready for play
even after hard showers.
The story of athletics in later years will be found in another chapter.
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